Best massage centers in Abu Dhabi


One of the best ways to relax and rejuvenate your body is by enjoying a nice and soothing body massage. Not only does a massage calm your mind but it has numerous health advantages also. In this fast-paced life, we often neglect or forget to take good care of your body. This quite often leads to problems like a migraine, headache and even joint or muscle pain. While painkillers can be temporarily effective in treating these ailments, one needs to have a permanent solution for them. Regular massages are one way how you can get rid of these problems. If you reside anywhere in Abu Dhabi, this article is a must read for you. Below is a list of some of the best massage centers in Abu Dhabi. Read below to know more about them:

Arvilla Spa, Al Rowdah

Arvilla Spa in Al Rowdah is one of Abu Dhabi’s best spa centers of all time. It is a ladies only spa center and hence is perfect for women to visit where they can relax and enjoy a good massage. The interiors of the spa add to the beauty of the services that this spa center offers. They have experts who can guide you ladies towards a proper consultation as to which massage is perfect for you. From regular massages to deep tissue massages, Arvilla Spa in Al Rowdah has got it all. If you are planning to visit this spa center anytime soon, we recommend you to surely try the relaxation massage and hot stone massage.

Mosaic Spa, Al Rowdah

Another pick from Al Rowdah area of Abu Dhabi is the Mosaic Spa. The place is budget friendly which means that you can enjoy a relaxing massage without having to worry to pay a lot of money. Their Thai massage is a must try and we highly recommend it to everyone. They have trained and experienced staff on board with them which ensures that every client enjoys a good service.

Al Rousi Beauty And Care For Men, Al Wahda

Al Rousi Beauty And Care For Men at Al Wahda is an amazing spa center in Abu Dhabi for men. The spa is open on all days and is also a budget-friendly place. The interiors of this spa center are bold and vibrant and offer positivity to clients visiting here. The foot massages here are very famous and renowned. Al Wahda is an easily commutable location and hence is perfect for anyone wanting to visit this place. One can also enjoy a nice Swedish massage here. They also have the best Moroccan bath Dubai for men.

Lifeline Wellness, Al Karamah

Lifeline Wellness at Al Karamah is a multi-specialty center where one can avail beauty services and massages too. They have different packages for one to choose from. You can also avail a combination of beauty and massage treatments. The full body massage here is quite popular.

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Best nail spa salons in Dubai


As ladies, we know how much we enjoy going for a nice hair spa or even a body spa! It’s a rejuvenating experience that helps us relax and ease our minds. In fact, hair or body spas are the best ways to distress your mind and also your body. And besides these benefits, the spa also helps and offers a variety of physical benefits too. The benefits of good hair or body spa are many. But did you know that some other part of your body to needs a spa session? And that too is amongst one of the most neglected parts of your body! Can’s guess? Well, the answer is your nails. Taking good care of your nails is extremely important. Not only does a nail spa make your nails appear good from the outside, but it also improves the overall quality of your nails. It prevents your nails from breaking & protects them from any infections. There are a lot more reasons why a nail spa is important. You’d be glad to know that there are in fact some great nail spa salons in Dubai that you can visit. Read our list of the best nail spa salons in Dubai below to know more:

Carita Paris

Carita Paris is a very renowned salon in Dubai located at Al Sufouh Road. The salon is unisex and is extremely popular across Dubai for its nail related services. Most importantly the salon maintains high standards of hygiene and cleanliness and hence the services are very reliable. The nail spa treatment, acrylic nail set, and gel nail service are quite famous here. The complete service is done to perfection and hence loved by many. Their nail silk service is also worth a try and costs AED 700.

Beauty Secrets Ladies Saloon

Located in Satwa, Beauty Secrets Ladies Saloon is known for its ambiance. For anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing salon time without any disturbances, this is surely the place where you need to go. The nail services here are a must try and there is a wide range of types you can pick from. Besides nail related services, you can also pick services from different packages which they offer at exciting prices. The place is clean and surely a must visit if you stay in Satwa or visit the locality quite often.

Sisters Beauty Lounge, Mall Of The Emirates (MOE)

Sisters Beauty Lounge, Mall Of The Emirates (MOE) is one of the most luxurious salons you will visit in Dubai. Everything about this salon is perfect. The staff, the quality of services and the ambiance. Ladies who visit this place are a fan of the nail spa and manicure treatments. You can also opt for a nail enhancement or acrylic nail service here.

These were our top picks for the best nail spa salons in Dubai. to check out more salons in JLT you can visit our site Mabel.

Why salon visits are important


Who doesn’t love visiting a salon for some good pampering right? Especially for ladies! For ladies, it is the best way to detach yourself from the boring and monotonous routine life! More than that it works as a perfect mode of relaxation and helps us to rejuvenate. But did you know that salon visits besides being mentally pleasing and satisfying, have a number of physical benefits attached to them as well. They can be extremely pleasing and at the same time give you the right nourishment and skin care advantages. This blog explains to you why timely and regular availing of certain salon services is important

Clean-ups: to improve the quality of your skin

Our skin is adversely affected by the outside elements like pollution and tanning due to sunlight. These harsh elements are responsible for deteriorating our skin quality and also cause early aging. A nice clean-up or a facial service is the best way to combat these skin issues. Regular clean-ups or facials with a nice massage help in treating your skin and can also keep skin issues like wrinkles at bay. To eliminate the unwanted tan from your face, a good clean-up every once in a while is all you need. Besides if you suffer from skin problems like blackheads or whiteheads, you just cannot avoid or miss out on your clean-up or facial appointments! Just make sure to pick the right clean-up or facial service depending upon the texture of your skin. You can also take the necessary guidance from your respective beautician.

Hair-treatments: the protein your hair needs

Just like your body needs protein to stay healthy & fit your hair needs it too! Hair treatments designed to improve hair texture and give your hair some protein are mandatory for all of us! Not only does it make your hair appear shinier and lustrous from outside, but it also helps in improving the overall texture and give your hair the right kind of nourishment from within. Your hair too can be affected by the harsh environment and sun and thus, hair treatments are crucial in order to maintain the quality. There is a wide range of hair treatments that you can avail for instance a hair spa, keratin treatment, shine treatment, olaplex treatment etc. You can choose any that suits your hair. Head to a salon in Karama for nice hair spa today!

Waxing: for the smoother appearance

Now we know you hate waxing as much as you hate going on a diet! But trust us ladies, the 30 minutes painful service can do wonders to your skin. Waxing gives your skin a smoother appearance and services like chocolate wax can do wonders when it comes eliminating the tan from your skin! Besides this, unlike razor, waxing ensures that you have a slower hair growth. It also thins the hair growth and gives you a longer-break from unwanted body hair. It ensures that your skin doesn’t feel dry or pale.


So book your next salon appointment today. You can also visit some amazing salons in JLT.

Things you should know about Thai massage.


Thai massage is an ancient massage technique that has been practiced since many centuries to ease body pain. But there are many facts about Thai massage that people are unaware of. We bring you some interesting facts that you need to know about Thai massage.

It’s also called: ‘Thai yoga massage’

Thai massage also uses the ancient Indian healing system along with acupressure. Certain yoga postures are practiced with this message and thus it is also popularly known as Thai yoga massage. Thai massage is generally performed with the help of yoga by professional therapists and the person who receives the message has to remain completely passive about it.

Thai massage was created by Buddha’s doctor

The precise origin of Thai massage are still not known and are uncertain, yet this form of massage can be found in the books of Chivaka Komarapats, who was a personal doctor of The Buddha. He was a doctor with immense knowledge and has treated many royals of the ancient times.

You do not need to remove your clothes during a Thai massage

Unlike other massage therapies and treatments there is no use of oil or other lotions or creams used on one’s body and thus one needs to have to remove their clothes during a Thai massage. The ones who avail this type of massage are usually given lose cotton clothes so that they are free and comfortable and that they can quickly move wherever they want to.

It is completely different

Unlike the standard massages, Thai massage uses a wholly different and unique technique. The body in a traditional Thai massage is generally pulled and stretched and compressed. There is no rubbing on the muscles involved in this type of massage. For a traditional massage, you need to try a Thai massage in Bur Dubai.

The mattress is placed on the floor

The person who receives a Thai massage has to lay down on a mattress or bed rather than on a regular massage table

You can avail the massage in groups

Here’s a fascinating fact about Thai massages that it can be availed in groups! While the traditional style of massage is given only to a single person, you can actually avail Thai massages in groups!

Thai massage trails 72,000 body lines

A lot of different yoga poses and other rhythmic pressures are used in Thai massage, this ancient and dynamic type of massage can be moved through about 72,000 body lines.

Hands and feet are enlisted

There are certain postures in Thai massage where the massage therapist can use hands to hold your body while the feet are used for the message. This can be done vice versa in other postures while giving a message. It involves many different types of techniques like pulling ears, knuckles and even toes. In some instances, the therapist may even walk on the receiver’s back.

There a 2 types of Thai massages.

The traditional one can be seen in Thailand while another ancient version can be seen in Nepal and India.

In Dubai, you can enjoy some good Thai massage in Garhoud Dubai or Thai massage in Karama.

Enjoy a rejuvenating experience with Swedish massage and Moroccan bath

As the world demands a lot from you, it’s time you demand something in return. Swedish massages & Moroccan baths are known to be one of the best ways to relax & rejuvenate you from stress & anxiety.

As the world demands a lot from you, it’s time you demand something in return. Swedish massages & Moroccan baths are known to be one of the best ways to relax & rejuvenate you from stress & anxiety. The massage helps your body loosen up & circulate the blood back to your heart. Swedish massage is widely known for relaxation but very few know the deep insights of it. Research has proven that people who receive a Swedish massage for approx. 45mins experience a level of decrease in the stress hormone cortisol & a level of increase in the immune system. It is probably the best way to release stress and anxiety.

Swedish massage therapist tailors the massage according to your needs by having a communication with you to understand your requirements in a best possible way. A perfect view with a Swedish massage is an add-on to your experience. They say it right ‘Nothing can beat a massage with a perfect view’. One should try out a Swedish massage in Dubai Marina, as the finest & affordable Swedish massages are available out there. If you happen to make a trip to Dubai, do experience the Swedish massage, regardless of your hectic vacation schedule. To make the best of it, try out the Moroccan bath in Dubai as well. Moroccan bath in Dubai is famous, as people relax while their skin is in a process of cleansing & softening. What sets it apart, are the ingredients used to purify the skin & give it a natural glow. Black soap, heena & natural herbs are mixed in water to complete the essence of nature. It’s the best way to relax your body after a long week. It helps your muscles loosen up & rest for a while. What more can a person ask for? Moroccan bath in Dubai takes up to 30-40 mins for women.

A special Moroccan bath can last up to 60-80 mins too. To double your ease, Moroccan bath can be taken at your homes too. It makes a person more comfortable, as they can directly cuddle up on the bed after the bath rather than driving back. Many opt for a home Moroccan bath, as it’s hassle-free. Always remember to visit a professional to experience the best Moroccan bath. It’s time to indulge in one of the purest forms of stress relief activity. Take a day out & experience the Swedish massage therapy along with Moroccan bath in Dubai at affordable price catering to your needs. You can try it elsewhere but the best exposure to this is in Dubai. Weekend or weekday rejuvenate yourself & rewind in the best possible way simply by spending time pampering your body & mind as you try to rewind. You can also locate the best spa and salons in Dubai on Mabel. Book an appointment today to enjoy a soothing experience and rejuvenate yourself from the stress!

Massages To Try In Dubai

We at Mabel have listed down some of the different types of massages that you can avail in Dubai. Read below to know more

A good body massage is probably one of the best ways to relax and rejuvenate your body. It helps to ease the body pain and relaxes your muscles. Not only this, massages can help in improving the overall flow of blood in your body. It has various health benefits to offer. Besides health benefits, massages can also help in relieving the stress. For those who suffer from stress, anxiety or even depression, a good massage or a regular massage therapy can work wonders. Dubai has many spas and salons where you can avail a nice body massage. But did you know that each of these salon and spa centers offers different kinds of massages and each of them has different health advantages to offer you?

We at Mabel have listed down some of the different types of massages that you can avail in Dubai. Read below to know more:

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is preferably for those individuals who are looking forward to completely relax their mind and body. It is a perfect way to calm your mind and de-stress yourself from the on-going work pressure. The massage uses heated stones to relax the muscles and can be extremely helpful in improving the flow of the blood. Not just this, a hot stone massage can be very helpful in alleviating the pain too.

Ventosa Massage

One of the most trending and widely practiced massages in Dubai and globally too is the Ventosa massage. It is a type of deep tissue massage that is usually practiced or conducted by an expert therapist. Also called as the cupping therapy, this type of massage has various health advantages and widely used to cure multiple body injuries. The cupping therapy or Ventosa massage Dubai can be carried out through different methods.

Sports Massage

This kind of a massage is extremely helpful for sportsmen who have suffered from an injury or muscle pain while playing a particular sport. Sportsmen can undergo this kind of massage in order to help to prevent future injuries. Besides this, a sports massage can also be used to increase the flexibility of the body and the overall performance as well. It can help in relieving issues like pain or strain in the massage. A sports massage is ideally a full body massage that focuses on the different parts of a body. This type of massage is generally a soothing massage that can help in relaxing your body. a sports massage can also be focused on the legs or shoulders.

These were our top picks for massages to avail in Dubai. To avail the best massage therapy in Dubai you can visit our site Mabel and book an appointment to the nearest salon or spa center in Dubai. Besides these massage therapy, you can also try an Ayurvedic massage in Dubai or a Thai massage in Dubai. It’s time to relax and indulge in some self-pampering.

4 ailments a nice massage therapy can cure

We at Mabel, bring to you the top 4 ailments that can cured with a proper and professional massage therapy

In our previous few articles, we have mentioned how a massage can do wonders for your mind and body and help in improving the health of your skin. But did you know that a massage can, in fact, be very helpful in curing various health issues that too permanently. Surprised? Well, a proper massage therapy can, in fact, cure various health issues without having the need to consume any antibiotics! A proper massage if taken regularly can offer various health benefits. In fact, there are spas and clinics in Dubai, besides beauty salons that specialize in offering massage therapies particularly to cure health issues. A number of studies and researches have in fact proved that in certain health issues massages can be more effective than antibiotics or even surgical operations. Thus this natural process of healing is something each of you needs to try out.

We at Mabel, bring to you the top 4 ailments that can be cured with a proper and professional massage therapy

Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are the two most dreadful health issues that can have a very negative impact on an individual. It makes you feel and lonely and moreover lazy. People who suffer from depression or anxiety usually, prefer to not take medications as they can have some negative effects. Well, that’s when a massage or a routine massage therapy can actually help. A good therapeutic massage can help in increasing the serotonin level in the body which can actually improve the health of an individual suffering from anxiety issues or depression. It is the perfect way to feel good about oneself and can actually bring in positive thoughts. Try going for a nice massage in Dubai marina.

Injuries from Monotonous Movement

Excessive use of your body muscles can be very harmful and cause pain and damage to them. Sports injuries, back problems, injuries due to a lot of household chores are some common types. While painkillers can offer some respite to you, most of the times the pain comes back after the impact of the dose is over. That’s where a massage can help. It eases muscles and can make you feel relaxed and completely calm, thereby improving your health. There is also pregnancy massage for females suffering from back pain.

Headache or migraine

Headaches or a migraine and any other time of pain can be easily cured with massage therapy. Headaches can be caused due to a number of factors that include stress, anger, anxiety issues, and other health ailments. Massages can help in decreasing the frequency of migraine attacks or headaches and make one feel better and decrease the intake of the otherwise harmful painkillers.

Chronic Pain

Did you know that a good massage can in fact help in improving the overall blood circulation in the body? It helps in alleviating the pain and can calm the mind as well. You can also try an upper body massage or lower massage.

Well, these are some of the ailments that can be cured through a nice massage therapy.